What next?

SVI plans to shape the future for the visually impaired in Sandwell. You can look forward to plenty of changes that will benefit you. These are some of our aims and objectives for the next five years.

  • Newsletter - to reach all visually impaired people in Sandwell
  • Website - maintaining and developing this website to reach out to the visually impaired community in Sandwell
  • Information service - so that we can direct you to the services you need more efficiently through our own personal experiences and understanding of your needs.
  • Obtaining Registered Charity Status - this will help us when we apply for funding, and enable us to do more to help you. (Achieved 2009)
  • Recruiting a development worker to build on the work we've already done. (Achieved 2009)
  • Providing visual impairment training for outside agencies
  • An office, and a resource centre - so that we can run SVI more effectively and give you a greater opportunity to get involved in the organisation (Achieved 2009)
  • Providing an advocacy, mentoring and counselling service
  • Setting up a telephone helpline
  • Making links with other people and organisations so that we can work together and share knowledge and resources effectively.

If you would like to know more about these aims and objectives, you can read our Business Plan Executive Summary, or talk to one of our committee members.