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Helping each other

The Sandwell Visually Impaired Group (SVI) was formed in 2004 by a small number of volunteers with the expressed aim ‘To consult with service providers to improve the lives of all visually impaired people living or working in Sandwell’. 

You will see by browsing this site that we have made remarkable progress since formation, but to maintain the momentum and retain relevance we need to reach out and seek the views of our whole community.  Please consider joining us.

The benefits for all of us are significant.

What we can do for you

Join us and you will;

  • Receive timely, useful information that will be topical and may prove to be valuable to you.
  • Have support from your peer group who could help to get things done or make representations for you with those who can.
  • Get advice on pathways to maintain independence, including help with mobility, equipment and Direct Payment issues.
  • Have the opportunity to take part in a variety of healthy lifestyle activities, such as swimming or the gym, with support from your visually impaired peers and volunteers/staff who understand the specific needs of people with sight loss.
  • Be introduced to a range of interesting leisure activities like visits to the theatre, restaurants or pubs in friendly company.
  • Enjoy the comradeship that comes from supporting a group that is making a difference for the visually impaired community of Sandwell.
  • Swell our ranks to raise our profile, which will help us make a convincing case for service improvements with an increased budget to meet these.
  • Join our mailing list for invitations to the SVI ‘Open’ meetings and receive our newsletter in any format of your choosing.
  • Reserve the right to become a member of the management group to help it speak with a stronger voice.

What you can do for us

Your membership brings many benefits to SVI.

You will;

  • Bring your knowledge, expertise and experience to ensure we strive to meet all the needs of our community.
  • Broaden our skills base upon which we may depend for help in pursuing our task.
  • Raise the profile of SVI to strengthen its hand when seeking service improvements, in particular the resources to meet those improvements.
  • Show your support for what SVI is seeking to achieve for the visually impaired community of Sandwell.

If you wish to make a donation to SVI, please follow the link below

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