News from the SVI office for week beginning 7 March 2016

A message from Sandra Troth, SVI Development Worker

It's been a few weeks since my last ‘news from the SVI office’ but with one thing and another I wasn’t able to send anything before now. Anyway, I’m pleased to be back with lots of news this week. 

First of all, let me tell you that I had a wonderful holiday in Cuba. The people are so friendly, always ready to help with a smile – their reaction to my visual impairment was mixed, with lots of people not even seeming to notice other than being very helpful. On the other end of the spectrum, one waiter in the restaurant burst in to tears when he realised that I couldn’t see - well I’ve never had that reaction before!

I absolutely love Cuba with its third World feel of oxen pulling carts and people riding around on horseback. Then there’s the old American cars and hundreds of hitchhikers – this alongside one of the most advanced medical services in the world available to everyone. And free education for all throughout their lives – what a mix of values, certainly makes you think!

Since such a lovely holiday, my mum has been really quite poorly with that dreadful bug that has been going around, she’s on the mend now – hope none of you have had it. 

Then last week my computer at work finally gave up but that’s quite another story.

Now that’s enough of my woes, the good news is that the arts sessions that ended last week, were very well attended and for the final session the group visited the Barber Institute for an excellent morning of audio described art – we plan to arrange another visit, so if you are interested, please let the SVI office know. We are also working with the Museum of the Jewellery Quarter to take a group of SVI members along for an audio described tour.

 We’ve been busy in the office organising the March open meeting.

The active at 60 group met last week for a St. David’s Day afternoon, a good time was had by all with leek and potato soup, a range of welsh cheeses and breads – not to mention our Faye’s Welsh quiz, all good fun and the group raised £23 towards their funds.



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