We won't turn a blind eye to sight loss!

National Eye Health Week 2018 roundup

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SVI members and supporters were out in force in the six towns of Sandwell during National Eye Health Week at the end of September. We were spreading the message of the importance of a regular eye check and asking people why their vision matters to them. We enjoyed chatting with members of the public and staff at Tesco, Asda and Morrisons supermarkets.

A big thank you to the fabulous supermarket staff, to all our wonderful volunteers who came and helped on the various days and to all the supermarket customers who generously made donations. We raised a total of £661.84.

Here are just a few of our highlights from the week. Find out why you said your sight matters to you.

If you are on Facebook, you'll find more in our Facebook group. Just search for Sandwell Visually Impaired in 'groups'.

50% of sight loss is avoidable by having regular eye tests. Don’t turn a blind eye to sight loss, have a sight test!

Friday 21 September - Asda Oldbury

Sandra, Bill and guide dogs at Olbury Asda

Sandra and Bill's guide dogs Jangle and Own supported the cause at Asda in Oldbury. Our guide dogs matter because it makes it possible for us to get around without our sight and spread the message of why you should have a sight test

Monday 24 September - Tesco Cradley Heath

Talking about eye health at Tesco Cradley Heath

Handing out information at Tesco Cradley Heath. You told us your vision matters because...

“My eye sight is everything; I don’t take it for granted.”

“I can watch my children grow up.”

Tuesday 25 September - Tesco West Bromwich

Graham chats with optician at Tesco West Bromwich

During our promotion day at Tesco West Bromwich we had a chat with the staff from opticians Vision Express.

And you told us your vision matters because...

“Without it I couldn’t support my daughter and husband who are partially sighted.”

“So that I can always see my beautiful wife!” “Seeing what’s happening and going on around me.”

“My TV, It’s like a friend and reading books.”

“So I’m able to see my grandkids.”

Wednesday 26 September - Morrison's Wednesbury

SVI talk with staff at Morrison's Wednesbury

Great promotion day today at Morrison’s in Wednesbury, the SVI team spreading the word about the importance of eye care.

Thursday 27 September - Asda Cape Hill Smethwick

SVI members at Asda Cape Hill

Lots of interest and generosity at Asda Cape Hill.

Your vision matters because...

“My vision is everything. I’d miss seeing my family. Miss the sun. And the views in the countryside.”

"I would miss the sunset and sunrise."

“ I would not see my grandchildren’s faces change as they grow up. “

Friday 28 September - Asda Great Bridge

SVI members and supporters at Asda Great Bridge

The final day of National Eye Health Week, the SVI team at Asda Great Bridge and a big turn out from our volunteers and their dogs.

The all important question of the week got the following answers today.

Your vision matters because....

“I wouldn’t be able to play my games on the computer or see my pets”

“Not being able to see your kids grow up would be hard”

“I wouldn’t be able to enjoy my food, you eat with your eyes”

And finally...

Did you know that many of the sight problems that lead to blindness can be either prevented or at least slowed down by treatment as long as a condition is diagnosed early? It may be National Eye Health Week in September but your eyes need looking after all through the year. So don't delay, book your sight test today!

If you are losing your sight or support someone with sight loss, get in touch with us at SVI. We offer a range of activities and social opportunities for adults of all ages. Come along and meet people who share similar experiences to your own.



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