SVI hits the target for activity

On Tuesday afternoons, SVI holds archery sessions for our blind and visually impaired members - why not join in the fun and give it a try? Expert help is on hand to get the best from these sessions.

Portway Lifestyle Centre also host our gym sessions on Tuesday mornings and Thursday afternoons where we are greeted by staff and our gym buddy volunteers, who help us move safely around the equipment and set programmes up for us. Our guide dogs are also looked after by members of staff or join us in the gym to watch us work out.

Some of us now enjoy the new indoor cycling sessions too - join us for a spin in the new studio at Portway.

Make time for a dip on Wednesday afternoons at West Bromwich Leisure Centre where we hold our swimming sessions in the training pool. This is enjoyed by people with all swimming abilities and if you have a guide dog he or she will be looked after while you go for your swim. You can always sit in the cafe area afterwards and enjoy a coffee and a chat with others.

If you are looking to get involved in something a bit more relaxing, you may find our Tea and Toast drop in sessions are your cup of tea.

For further information on any of the above session times please phone the SVI office on 0121 525 4810 or email for further information.

Not an SVI member?  Give us a call and, we can set up your free membership over the phone or, make an appointment to come in and have a chat to discover the other services we provide and how best we can support you.



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