SVI's Vision Access Group (VAG) lobbies Council for password scheme

SVI's Vision Access Group (VAG) is working hard with Sandwell Council to highlight the need for a workable password scheme for council workers who visit your home to do repairs and other work. Council workers carry ID cards but if you can't see or read these cards they aren't meeting your access needs.

We are frequently being reminded how important it is not to let people we don't know, or who can't prove they are who they say they are, into our homes. This is why SVI is lobbying the Council and other providers to introduce an ID password scheme for vulnerable or older people.

There isn't such a scheme in Sandwell yet, however we are making good progress in our talks with the Council. The issue is being addressed as part of a new system within Sandwell Housing and raised at the Safeguarding Adults Board.

In the meantime, we urge you not to allow anyone you don't know into your home without checking their identity first.

Service providers like, gas, electricity and water are required by law to offer you this password service.To set up your own individual password, contact your supplier.

Finally, if you have had any problems with tradespeople trying to enter your home without ID, or indeed have received very good service from service providers visiting you, please let SVI know, we need your feedback.


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