SVI member interviewed on BBC Breakfast TV about multiple medication

An interview with former SVI Chair Graham Price formed part of an item broadcast on 21 June 2017 on national BBC Breakfast TVabout this challenging issue. A study led by Aston University is looking at what can be done to help carers and authorities ensure those taking multiple medication actually get the correct tablets. It's a huge issue that affects about 3 million people in Britain, and is becoming more of a challenge because of our ageing population. Graham, as a blind person, explained the difficulties he had faced administering a large number of tablets to his late wife Maureen.

The item appears below as a YouTube clip courtesy of BBC Breakfast TV. If you are unable to access the clip you may wish to download an audio only recording of this item. Below this clip you can find out what led up to Graham being interviewed by the BBC.

Graham explains the background to his appearance on the programme

"The invitation to comment on my experience of medicating Maureen arose from the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) network, in this instance the neurological conditions team based in the West Midlands with offices in the Barberry Centre adjacent to QE Hospital.

"Dr Ian Maitland of Aston University had contacted the NIHR staff to ask if they could suggest someone who would talk to camera about their experience of medicating a vulnerable person, with particular reference to dementia. Ian has been commissioned to research the wrongness or wastefulness of relying on carers being made responsible for medicating their loved ones or those they care for.

"About two years ago I sat on a group of carers of partners who were living with dementia, hosted by staff at the Barberry Centre and I had been the lay patient rep on several interview panels for staff recruitment. This provided the link for them to put Ian in touch with me. Ian felt he had stumbled upon a powerful story that added considerable weight to his research endeavours which he had already asked the BBC to help him publicise.

"A camera man, a reporter and Ian recorded the programme in my garden (over 1 and a half hours) on Friday 16 June."


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