Parking on pavements campaign

Members of the visually impaired community have contacted SVI concerning irresponsible parking on pavements. We know that most people in Sandwell park in a considerate manner. If they do park on a pavement it is only by a few inches, leaving enough room for a buggy or large wheelchair or guide dog and owner to get past.

However a growing number of people are parking their cars and vans and other vehicles fully on the pavement or up against street furniture such as lamp posts or trees making it impossible for pedestrians to get past.

When a car or van or other vehicle is parked blocking the pavement it makes life very difficult for pedestrians to get past and use the pavement safely. If someone is blind or has limited sight it is even more difficult.

If the pavement is blocked it can force pedestrians to walk in the road. This brings more danger not only to the person walking in the road but other people driving down the road.

For further information and to see the 'streets ahead' campaign being run by The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association please follow this link to the campaign. You can download and print posters and find lots of useful information about their services.

If you know of a car that is frequently parked on the pavement or if you want to help SVI spread this very important message please contact us by phone or email.


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